What can you do with Semantiqo?

Increase the conversion rate of your website till 30%
Reduce lead consumption to make your budget more efficient
Communicate and stay in touch with the target audience
Keep your business in tune with the latest advancement in business technologies

Semantiqo can help you with

Grow your sales by informing potential clients about new products or services
Hire as many employees as you need
Assist your customers in making cost effective and correct use of a product without paying for a call-center
Receive new applications every day to earn more profit

How to use?


Return to call

Our new technology Semantiqo is an automatic voice dialer system which can robo dial the entire database of phone contacts to deliver a pre-recorded message that you need. It helps to announce new products or services with robo calls making your business processes faster and easier. Just start using Semantiqo and your robo influence will be sent within seconds to thousands of phones.

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Semantiqo selection

If you are a small business, we are glad to offer you another option. Analyzing more than 30 million people per day, we can identify the target audience from our big data sources and make robo calls to bring you buying requests.

How it works?
  • We analyze around 40% of websites
  • Segmenting the audience in more than 200 parameters
  • Identify the target audience
  • Make auto calls to bring you new applications